Maybelline Superstay Foundation

I think Maybelline are killing it at the moment with their ‘superstay’ products. I loved the Superstay Matte Inks, and I have heard good things about this foundation so I decided to pick it up, and it turned out to be one of the best purchases ever!



So let’s start with the packaging. It is in a glass bottle, that comes with a pump, which I love, as it allows much more control and you won’t waste a lot of products. The consistency is not too liquidy nor too thick, but the thing I love about this foundation is that when you put it on your face it looks matte straight away! Like it has dried already, with saying that, I don’t find it drying at all. I have never put on a foundation that was like that. They always look wet and you have to wait for them to dry, but not with this one.

I would say it gives full coverage, without being heavy on the skin. I only use one pump and apply it with a brush. I love that you don’t need to use a lot of product for perfect coverage and it almost looks like it is your second skin. It is easily blendable too.



It does stay on my face all day, but I prefer to set it with a setting spray still, just to make sure. As for oiliness, so far this is the best foundation I have tried to keep my shiny forehead at bay.

Overall I think I am in love with this foundation, can’t stop reaching for it. I love the finish it gives to my skin, I could even get away with not setting it with powder, even on my oily T-zone! It looks that good on the skin! I don’t think I’ll be switching up my foundation anytime soon!

I hope you liked this review and please share your thoughts on this foundation, curious to see if anyone loves it as much as I do!

Until next time,

Agota xx

Best drugstore matte liquid lipsticks??

I think I found them. At least they are pretty amazing to me and I have been waiting a long time for them to be available in the UK too. I happened to wander into Superdrug back in the beginning of December and there they were. Right then I only bought one shade, then later ordered three more. These are the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks.



The name claims the lipsticks to be super stay and they definitely are. They are the first ones to stay on my lips all day without budging at all, throughout eating, drinking. I got four shades, 05 Loyalist, 10 Dreamer, 15 Lover, 50 Voyager. They are very pigmented, I only had trouble with the lightest shade, as it was a bit patchy on my lips, but I can still make it work.

Once they dry down they do not move. And with that they can be quite drying on the lips after hours of wearing it, so make sure your lips are as moisturized as they can be before applying.




They feel like nothing on the lips and they are quite comfortable to wear. I also like the shape of the applicator and the little hole in it, because it means you don’t have to dip it in the tube again, but have enough product for applying to your lips.

I find them hard to remove, so definitely use an oil make up remover (like The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing butter), otherwise getting them off will be a little bit of a headache.

I hope you liked this review, and please share your thoughts too in the comments, if you have tried it too, planning to or you have never heard of these lippies.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day! xx