Birchbox February 2018

In case I have forgotten to tell you in the previous post, happy February! Since it is still the beginning of the month, I have received my Birchbox (yaaay) so it was only natural to write up a little blog post on all the things I got. I said this about last month’s box too, but this box design is again so pretty, definitely my fave so far. This month we could choose the design of the box and I choose the ’90 one. Being the kid of the ’90 I really really like the colours, the patters, it does reminds me a lot of my childhood. (That pastel pink is so my colour!)



So let’s see what I have received:

First thing is an eyeshadow trio by The Beauty Crop in Love You So Latte ( haha like the name ). It looks like it has pretty shades in there, two shimmery and one matte. I would maybe prefer that dark matte shade to be a bit lighter for a transition shade, but I can see where they were going with it. According to the leaflet that comes with the box, these eyeshadows are enriched with coffee extracts to brighten, which sounds intriguing. I like playing around with new eyeshadow so can’t wait to give this a go.



Second thing I received was a colour correcting stick by ModelCo. I personally have not really ventured into the world of colour correcting, but I do have one green colour correcting product by Nip+Fab. I like to use green shades on my spots, especially since I often decide to squeeze them after doing my skincare and before applying make up. (bet that’s just me!) I think I will prefer this one as it is in a stick form, not liquid, so for me it will be easier to apply and blend out.


Then I have received another make up item, which I can’t complain about really, it is a cream blush highlighter by LAQA and Co. It is in a peachy shade, which is new for me as I tend to gravitate toward pink blushes, because they suit me better. However it does not seem to be that pigmented so I will definitely try it out as a highlihter and see how it work with my skintone.



The last two products I got are both hair products, which I don’t think has happened before, but again not complaining. First is a finishing polish by Percy and Reed. I have received samples of their products through Birchbox before so I was excited to get another one. It can be used to style your hair, I guess like a liquid hairspray, give it texture and shine. Intrigued to see how this works in my hair, if it smooths and detangles, I’ll be all for it.

And lastly I have received a hair mask by Luseta. I got a conditioner last month from the same brand and I was happy with that, so now I’m excited to try out this hair mask. I never really do anything like that with my hair, other than shampoo and conditioner, but it could definitely do with more useful products for sure. It is designed to repair and restucture, also it has acids and vitamins in it to make your hair soft and silky. My hair has been so dry this winter, so I’m sold and can’t wait to try this out.

These are all the products I have got this month. I’m really happy with it and still really like the desing of the box, already thinking about how I can reuse it, haha.

Hope you liked this post! Which one is your fave sample of the box?




Birchbox x Ohh Deer

The new year started with my fave Birchbox ever. I love stationery, almost as much as make up, and this month Birchbox teamed up with Ohh Deer, a British stationary brand. I have never heard of them, and now I know they also do a subscription box I am so tempted to subscribe. I love the design of the box so much. The colours are right up my street, it’s also very pretty and a perfect thing to brighten up your blue January.

So lets’s see what I got in this month’s box:








This box was sort of make up heavy and I don’t mind that at all. So first thing is a crayon blush from Lord and Berry. Having been given the choice I went for the pinkier shade, Camelia. I have never used crayon blush before, usually even stay away from creamy blushes, so I am excited to see how easy it is to blend and work with. Swatching it on my hand, it has a creamy texture and does blend out easy, so my hopes are definitely up.

Next item is a waterproof eyeliner from Marcelle. Now I use eyeliner basically everyday, I use the pencil ones usually on my tightline. It is lucky that this is waterproof because you need a waterproof eyeliner for your tightline for sure, otherwise it’ll disappear within an hour. This eyeliner has a soft texture, glides on my hand easily as I’m swatching it. It promises to be smudge resistant and to stay put all day. Intrigued! It says the colour of it is charcoal, but it is more dark gray than black, so it’ll definitely give you a softer less dramatic look, I expect. Still I can’t wait to try it!


Moving from make up bits to skincare, this box contains a night cream from Thermaliv. I like to stay away from night creams, because I find that they make my skin oilier, so leaving it clean after I take my make up off in the evening is the best thing to do for me. This night cream promises to hydrate your skin during the night when you can’t get enough sleep. I do get dry skin in this winter months, so I will give this a go, see how it works. It has a very light scent to it, and gets quickly absorbed in my hand as I try it out. I do hope it’ll work for me.


Moving from face to hair the next thing is a Keratin Smooth Conditioner by Luseta Beauty. It promises to moisture your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. This conditioner is good for damaged hair, which I almost always have, and supposed to work from inside out. Gonna try the next time I wash my hair as I have never been disappointed with and of the samples Birchbox has sent me hair-wise.



Lastly in the box is an Amazing Makeup Remover cloth by Afterspa. It does sound amazing as it says you only need warm water and the cloth to remove your makeup. I have to try it to be honest to believe it does work like that. Only downside is that you should wash it in the washing machine after every use, and I only do my laundry once a week, but wear makeup like 5 or 6 days of the week. But that’s just my issue really. Very very curios to see how it works!


They also included loads of stickers for bonus, love it!

So this was the first Birchbox of 2018! Hope you like this blog post and all the review of the products!

If you have a subscription as well, what did you get in your box?

Hope you have a lovely day! xx