New L’Oreal bits

Unfortunately I discovered how easy it is to order from Superdrug. I say unfortunately because I often find it hard to stop myself from ordering something new all the time. I blame the free delivery over £10. I mean most places you have to spend £15 or £20 at least to be able to order things to your house. And let’s be honest it is the easiest thing in the world to spend £10 in Superdrug. So after rambling on about this, and the point I was rambling about this is because, I was browsing through the website and some new bits from L’Oreal peeked my interest and I had to order them…


I have been looking for a new primer that is mattifying, as I have been struggling to keep my forehead matte all day. I love using the Benefit Porefessionals on my cheeks, it does a great job of filling in my gigantic pores. But I needed something different for my forehead, because that’s where I tend to get the most oily. So I decided to pick up the Infallible Priming Base. I have to say it does a good job of keeping my face as matte as possible during the day. I has a very liquidy texture and a little goes a long way. It makes my skin feel very smooth and even. Also I have no trouble applying foundation over it. I think it is a great drugstore primer if you, like me, have oily skin.








The next two items I really liked and ordered were the Infallible Color Riche Crayon eyeliners in two shades, I’ve got black (which is funnily the blue one) and Violet, which is the purple one. I was sooo excited to get these. You already know from my love for the NYX Vivid Bright eyeliners, that I like to go for coloured eyeliner from time to time. These are incredible as they stay put all day and they do not budge at all! There were no prints on my eyelid by the end of the day, it wasn’t running down under my eyes either. I find the blue one to be more vibrant and very, very pigmented. The purple one is pigmented too, but has a little bit of a sheen to it as well, while the blue one is completely matte. I like to use them over my black eyeliner as a little bit of somethin’ somethin’. I also used the purple one on my bottom lash line and I really liked how that looked.

So these were a few make up bits that I got from L’Oreal recently and have been using a lot. Have you tried any of these product? What is your fave product from L’Oreal?

Until next time,

Agota xx

3 must read YA books

I have turned into quite the book worm last year, reading lots of books. Some were better than others. Even though I don’t think any book is bad, I like the ones that I can’t put down, really excited to pick up again and read it, and finish them like in a week. From all the books I’ve read last year three stuck with me the most. These were I think a bit different ones, in terms of that wasn’t just about two teenagers falling in love. And I really liked that. They were just as exciting, if not even more so, but most importantly I found them quite refreshing to read. Can’t take credit though finding these books, as all three was a recommendation of Zoella, two if not all three were included in the Zoella book club as well. What can I say she has good taste in books, definitely matches mine!

So I decided to share the three books I think you should definitely read, if you like reading young adult books.





This book is about a girl, named Vivian, a shy girl who is a bit fed up with the sexist things going on in her high school. Basically she is fed all the boys getting away with nasty comments, stupid dress codes for girls etc. She then decides to fight back through a feminist zine, she creates in secret, called Moxie. I really liked this book, I think it touches upon a lot of issues that girls in high school go through. It is an empowering read too for us girls. Mainly I just really liked that it’s not just about a shy girl getting together with the new guy in school. I think I read in a few days, it was inspiring and overall I just really liked the different feel to the book.


Beautiful Broken Things

Staying with the “different” feeling here that a book gives, this one is the first I’ve read in a long time, other than Moxie, that doesn’t have romance as a main focus in the story. Actually it has no boy-girl romance in it, it has something way better, friendship between girls. Maybe it’s just me who has not come across books like this before, but again, this was so refreshing to read. I have always found friendships between girls interesting, and noticed how it was just different from boys being friends. This book is about a girl, Caddy and her best friend Rosie who have been best friends since they were four. Then Rosie befriends a new girl Suzanne in her school, and she sort of comes between the two girls. Also Suzanne has a past full of secrets. I think this book shows so beautifully how complex female friendships are, how two can become three, something I think we have all experienced before. I could legit not put this book down, it was so interesting regarding the story lines and the characters. I would a hundred percent recommend reading this one!


Holding up the Universe

I am pretty sure that if you like reading YA book, that you have read or at least heard about All the bright places by Jennifer Niven. That book was the best too, so when I saw that this book was also by Jennifer Niven, I knew I had to read it, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I really like reading stories that kind of written from both of the main characters’ perspectives. This book follows a girl, Libby, who is home schooled because of her weight problems but now is going back to school, and Jack, who is a cool boy in that same school, but suffering from an illness no one knows about. Then they meet and help each other with their problems as they slowly fall in love too. This book really shows, that people are more than what we think of them usually, and that how important it is to find someone who sees you for who you really are.

Hope you liked this post, I really like sharing books I enjoy just as much as make up I enjoy. Did you read any of these books? Which one would you read/is your fave? Also feel free to leave recommendations too!

Until next time,


The new Make Up Revolution concealer

If you read any blogs or follow any beauty blogger on any social media platforms you have probably heard of this concealer. The latest hype in the beauty world is this concealer. I finally managed to get shades for me and I’m gonna share my thoughts on it with you.

So first of all I bought the shade C4 when I was at Superdrug. I think they have a good variety of shades. I needed a lighter one as well, even though C4 is perfect match for my skin, I wanted something lighter underneath my eyes. So for that reason I ordered the shade C2, which is light enough to cover up my dark circles. (lot of points go for that!)







This concealer claims to be full coverage and I think it does live up to that claim. It covers any blemishes and red spots on my face perfectly. I really like the consistency of the product, it is definitely on the thicker side. As it is full coverage it is well pigmented and little goes a long way.

I think almost everybody’s fave thing about this concealer is the wand. It is quite big and  easy to use and you don’t have to dip it in again to get more product. Also let’s be honest it is the perfect dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape (which I  want soooo bad!). I think MUR does dupes well anyway, so there is no surprise that this product did so well.

Looking at the price point it is definitely worth it, since it’s retailing for only £4. Overall, I really like this concealer, it’s gonna have a shared first place in my favourites with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.

Hope you liked this post! What are your thoughts on this concealer? Have you tried it or are you planning too?

Until next time xx


Birchbox February 2018

In case I have forgotten to tell you in the previous post, happy February! Since it is still the beginning of the month, I have received my Birchbox (yaaay) so it was only natural to write up a little blog post on all the things I got. I said this about last month’s box too, but this box design is again so pretty, definitely my fave so far. This month we could choose the design of the box and I choose the ’90 one. Being the kid of the ’90 I really really like the colours, the patters, it does reminds me a lot of my childhood. (That pastel pink is so my colour!)



So let’s see what I have received:

First thing is an eyeshadow trio by The Beauty Crop in Love You So Latte ( haha like the name ). It looks like it has pretty shades in there, two shimmery and one matte. I would maybe prefer that dark matte shade to be a bit lighter for a transition shade, but I can see where they were going with it. According to the leaflet that comes with the box, these eyeshadows are enriched with coffee extracts to brighten, which sounds intriguing. I like playing around with new eyeshadow so can’t wait to give this a go.



Second thing I received was a colour correcting stick by ModelCo. I personally have not really ventured into the world of colour correcting, but I do have one green colour correcting product by Nip+Fab. I like to use green shades on my spots, especially since I often decide to squeeze them after doing my skincare and before applying make up. (bet that’s just me!) I think I will prefer this one as it is in a stick form, not liquid, so for me it will be easier to apply and blend out.


Then I have received another make up item, which I can’t complain about really, it is a cream blush highlighter by LAQA and Co. It is in a peachy shade, which is new for me as I tend to gravitate toward pink blushes, because they suit me better. However it does not seem to be that pigmented so I will definitely try it out as a highlihter and see how it work with my skintone.



The last two products I got are both hair products, which I don’t think has happened before, but again not complaining. First is a finishing polish by Percy and Reed. I have received samples of their products through Birchbox before so I was excited to get another one. It can be used to style your hair, I guess like a liquid hairspray, give it texture and shine. Intrigued to see how this works in my hair, if it smooths and detangles, I’ll be all for it.

And lastly I have received a hair mask by Luseta. I got a conditioner last month from the same brand and I was happy with that, so now I’m excited to try out this hair mask. I never really do anything like that with my hair, other than shampoo and conditioner, but it could definitely do with more useful products for sure. It is designed to repair and restucture, also it has acids and vitamins in it to make your hair soft and silky. My hair has been so dry this winter, so I’m sold and can’t wait to try this out.

These are all the products I have got this month. I’m really happy with it and still really like the desing of the box, already thinking about how I can reuse it, haha.

Hope you liked this post! Which one is your fave sample of the box?




NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliners

NYX is one of my fave drugstore brands and I am so happy that they have been available in Boots for quite some time now. I feel like they have a lot of fun make up bits to play around with. Not to mention their lip products. I don’t think any other drugstore brand has as many lip products as NYX does. But today I want to write about something different, not lippies. When I first saw these vivid brights eyeliners I knew I had to get my hands on them.

First I tried the blue one, Sapphire, blue being my fave colour. I fell in love with it instantly, so later on I got to more shades. I got the dark purple one, Violet, and the pink one, Petal.


They are very pigmented, which is great, I usually put them on if I don’t fancy bothering with eyeshadows and want something simply yet colorful. But there are many ways to play around with them and I have seem a lot of great pics of them on Instagram.

They do dry down quite fast and I would warn you not to put too much on your eyelids because you can definitely feel them there. I can feel them anyway, especially on the end of my eyes where I draw the winged liner. It doesn’t bother me personally, I get used to it quite quickly, but just wanted to say it in case some of you don’t like that dry eyeliner feeling on your lids.

I got them in three shades, and you can see the swathes of them here:


I think they are perfect to brighten up any make up, but they are very pretty on their own.

Here is a very easy make up look with the blue eyeliner:







I hope you liked this post! Have you ever tried these eyeliners before? Which one is your fave?



Best drugstore matte liquid lipsticks??

I think I found them. At least they are pretty amazing to me and I have been waiting a long time for them to be available in the UK too. I happened to wander into Superdrug back in the beginning of December and there they were. Right then I only bought one shade, then later ordered three more. These are the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks.



The name claims the lipsticks to be super stay and they definitely are. They are the first ones to stay on my lips all day without budging at all, throughout eating, drinking. I got four shades, 05 Loyalist, 10 Dreamer, 15 Lover, 50 Voyager. They are very pigmented, I only had trouble with the lightest shade, as it was a bit patchy on my lips, but I can still make it work.

Once they dry down they do not move. And with that they can be quite drying on the lips after hours of wearing it, so make sure your lips are as moisturized as they can be before applying.




They feel like nothing on the lips and they are quite comfortable to wear. I also like the shape of the applicator and the little hole in it, because it means you don’t have to dip it in the tube again, but have enough product for applying to your lips.

I find them hard to remove, so definitely use an oil make up remover (like The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing butter), otherwise getting them off will be a little bit of a headache.

I hope you liked this review, and please share your thoughts too in the comments, if you have tried it too, planning to or you have never heard of these lippies.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day! xx

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation review

I’m not the one to change up my foundation a lot, usually I just stick to the one that works for me. But my skin has been getting a bit oilier recently and I wanted to try and find a specifically mattifying foundation and that’s how I stumbled onto the NYX  Stay Matte but not flat foundation. I have been using it for a weeks on and off and here is what I think about it.


First of all it is a water based foundation which I don’t think I have used before, and I think therefore it is quite dry on my skin. You would think because it’s water based it is quite runny but not at all, it has more like a tooth paste texture. First time applying it it felt like paint on my face, until I noticed it said ‘shake well’ on the back, so gave that a go, and it made it feel better on my skin. Using it more you get use to the texture and I actually grew to like it a lot, even though I was quite dubious about it at first.

It says on the packaging that it is full coverage, but it’s not totally full. It covers up most things on my face, but still need concealer after it for any spots or blemishes. With that said it does not feel heavy or think on my face and doesn’t cake up either.






It does give you a matte finish and it is oil free, so it is definitely good for oily skin, however I notice that my T-zone still get oily after hours of wearing it, especially in work. But that is fine as it doesn’t claim to be long lasting. ( and that’s probably due to my skin care routine which need changing up a bit )

Overall I think it is a good drugstore foundation, only costs 6 pounds. I probably still prefer the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, just because I like to work with a little but runnier texture.

Hope you like this review and please share any tips for applying foundation or what foundation to use for oily skin! Thanks!

Have a great day! xx


Birchbox x Ohh Deer

The new year started with my fave Birchbox ever. I love stationery, almost as much as make up, and this month Birchbox teamed up with Ohh Deer, a British stationary brand. I have never heard of them, and now I know they also do a subscription box I am so tempted to subscribe. I love the design of the box so much. The colours are right up my street, it’s also very pretty and a perfect thing to brighten up your blue January.

So lets’s see what I got in this month’s box:








This box was sort of make up heavy and I don’t mind that at all. So first thing is a crayon blush from Lord and Berry. Having been given the choice I went for the pinkier shade, Camelia. I have never used crayon blush before, usually even stay away from creamy blushes, so I am excited to see how easy it is to blend and work with. Swatching it on my hand, it has a creamy texture and does blend out easy, so my hopes are definitely up.

Next item is a waterproof eyeliner from Marcelle. Now I use eyeliner basically everyday, I use the pencil ones usually on my tightline. It is lucky that this is waterproof because you need a waterproof eyeliner for your tightline for sure, otherwise it’ll disappear within an hour. This eyeliner has a soft texture, glides on my hand easily as I’m swatching it. It promises to be smudge resistant and to stay put all day. Intrigued! It says the colour of it is charcoal, but it is more dark gray than black, so it’ll definitely give you a softer less dramatic look, I expect. Still I can’t wait to try it!


Moving from make up bits to skincare, this box contains a night cream from Thermaliv. I like to stay away from night creams, because I find that they make my skin oilier, so leaving it clean after I take my make up off in the evening is the best thing to do for me. This night cream promises to hydrate your skin during the night when you can’t get enough sleep. I do get dry skin in this winter months, so I will give this a go, see how it works. It has a very light scent to it, and gets quickly absorbed in my hand as I try it out. I do hope it’ll work for me.


Moving from face to hair the next thing is a Keratin Smooth Conditioner by Luseta Beauty. It promises to moisture your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. This conditioner is good for damaged hair, which I almost always have, and supposed to work from inside out. Gonna try the next time I wash my hair as I have never been disappointed with and of the samples Birchbox has sent me hair-wise.



Lastly in the box is an Amazing Makeup Remover cloth by Afterspa. It does sound amazing as it says you only need warm water and the cloth to remove your makeup. I have to try it to be honest to believe it does work like that. Only downside is that you should wash it in the washing machine after every use, and I only do my laundry once a week, but wear makeup like 5 or 6 days of the week. But that’s just my issue really. Very very curios to see how it works!


They also included loads of stickers for bonus, love it!

So this was the first Birchbox of 2018! Hope you like this blog post and all the review of the products!

If you have a subscription as well, what did you get in your box?

Hope you have a lovely day! xx

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner review

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I am legit always on a hunt for a new shampoo and conditioner. My hair is quite thick even though I don’t think I have a lot of hair, but it still feels this way.  It does get greasy after 2-3 days so I do have to wash it twice a week.

I usually look for shampoos that help me keep my hair less greasy for more days especially when I straighten it and put more products on it.


I heard about this shampoo from reading Poppy Deyes’s blog post and it made me want to get it and try it out. They are the new Herbal Essences Bio:Renew shampoo and conditioner, in seven different scents. I chose the white strawberry and mint one and I do not regret buying them at all.


I do like the fact that the shampoo is clear, somehow makes me feel like my hair is gonna get even cleaner from it. I feel like is does clean my hair well, gets foaming quite quickly, not like I don’t use a generous amount anyway. It is also easy to wash out. After that I use the conditioner after that makes my hair so soft.


I love the smell of these products. Utterly love them. Strawberries are my all time fave fruit and generally I like every smelling of strawberries too.

Overall I am very with this shampoo, as you can see I used more than half of the bottles already, I wanted to use it for enough time to form my opinion of them. I feel like it really works well with my hair and making it lot more manageable and healthy looking.

Hope you liked this post, and let me know in the comments what is your fave shampoo and conditioner?



Birchbox x Vogue aka November Birchbox

So, I have been subscribed to Birchbox since March and every time I receive a box I totally plan on blogging about it but then I always forget. I want this bad habit to stop so here it is, my first Birchbox review.


For this month Birchbox has teamed up with Vogue to let them pick the best of the best beauty products, so we have can try them out. For anyone who doesn’t know what Birchbox is, here is the link to their website, but basically it’s an online service where you can subscribe and they send you a box of 5 or six samples to try out all based on your personal needs. I like that I get to try out brand I have not heard of before or products that I have wanted to try out, but didn’t want to spend the money on them.

This box has five products inside and I am genuinely excited to try them all out.  So the first product is the well known, Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I’m almost sure that everyone has heard of this bronzer before and almost everyone has it too, but with this month’s box everyone gets a free sample of it. ( I have a sample of this product from before so happy to have another one that again keeps me from spending money on the full one, haha ).


Next item I got is the Percy and Reed Smooth, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil. ( what a long name! ). I have previously received a Percy and Reed product before and I was quite happy with it, so I actually have high expectation of this one. It’s supposed to nourish your hair, give it volume and protect from heat. Sounds very promising.

I have never tried any Clarins product before to my shame, so I’m happy to get the chance now with the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. It’ supposed to be the best hand cream out there according to Vogue and it really is good. Of course I had to try it out straight away and I can confirm it is not greasy, sinks in fast and also smells sooo good, like an expensive hand cream would.


Top coats are a a girl’s best friend when it comes to painting our nails as it saves us a lot of time and to be honest I’m more motivated to do my nail if I don’t have to wait around for hours for them to dry. So this next item is a top coat nail polish form Seche Vite, and it claims to be a dry fast top coat that has a unique formula that penetrates through your nail polish and makes it solid and long lasting ( according to the leaflet that came with the box ).  Can’t even tell you how excited I am to give this a try!

And lastly I got a brush cleaner tool. I tend to clean my brushes quite regularly even if it’s not my fave chores so, hoping this will make it a better experience. I have been wanting to get a tool like this for ages, so now I finally have it. Here’s to cleaning your brushes regularly!

So that is everything I have recieved in November’s Birchbox, I hope you liked this little review\ first impression of the products.