New MUR palette discovery

So when I say new, it is not exactly a new palette for me it is a new discovery and such a god one that I have to share it with you. I think we all know that MUR is great at making eyeshadow palettes that are good on quality yet very affordable. I already own two palettes from them and I use them quite often. But I wanted a bit of change in the eyeshadows I was using, just sort of got tired of the same shades and colours I was using so I picked up this palette and absolutely fell in love with it and have been using it since.


So I have now had this palette for about 2 months and the first thing I like about it is how many shades you get. The second thing is that they are ridiculously pigmented. I can use the brown shades for my lash line as a liner and they actually show up. They are very dusty might I add so definitely not a creamy texture but I don’t have trouble blending them out so I don’t mind it. They do have a little fallout as well but again does not bother me as long as I can work with them easily on the eyes.

I also enjoy that you can create so many looks with it from very natural to very dramatic. A lot of the shades are mattes and again so pigmented. They are just a joy to play around with. I use one of the darker brown shade to fill in my brows and it does a brilliant job at that too.

I really like when a palette work this well for me and well it is only 8 pounds.

Instead of swathes I decided to do a makeup look using the berry shades of the palette which are definitely the prettiest ones.





Hope you liked this little review and the make up look!

Do you like Make Up Revolution? Which one of their product is your fave?

Until next time,

Agi xx

5 product holiday make up

Currently as I’m writing this post I am spending my holiday back in my hometown in Hungary. The weather here is very warm already, around 27 degrees. I don’t like to apply a lot of make up when it’s this hot outside or warmer, but I still like to put a little bit of make up on to, you know, make me feel more like a functioning human. I came up with this very easy make up look and have been doing this every morning since being away, for like four days. It is so easy and simple and I only need five product. (even though I have my make up bag full of products that I brought but don’t use, haha).





First stop is the brows. I feel like even if I didn’t have any make up on I would still like my brows to be filled in and look nice. It simply just makes your whole face look a lot better in my opinion. I have been using the brow pencil by Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the shade medium.

For eyeshadow I actually apply a highlighter also by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. It look gorgeous on the eyes, not too much yet perfectly shimmery for the sun outside.

I couldn’t go anywhere without a concealer. My dark under eyes need to be hidden away wherever I go so I always use my trusted conceal and define concealer by Make Up Revolution. The coverage with this concealer is unreal and it stays on my face for a long time even without setting it.

For my face I only use a blush. Especially if it’s really sunny outside. I want my skin to be as free of make up as possible and not let any chemicals burn into my skin. But it’s hard to resist this gorgeous blush which I think is just perfect for holidays. It is a bit shimmery and has a pink shade, very flattering on the skin too.

Last product of course has to be a mascara. Benefit’s Roller Lash is just perfect when you want your lashes to appear big and voluminous. Especially when you have so little make up on your eyes.

So this is my very easy and simple make up routine that is I think perfect and quick for holidays. How do you do your make up when you’re on holiday?

Until next time,

Agota xx

What I’m taking on holiday with me

Currently it is 24 degrees outside which makes me really happy so I thought this would be the best time to write the blog post I have wanted to write about what I’m gonna take on holiday with me. I’m going to visit my home country for two weeks at the end of May. I already know the weather there is presumably gonna be quite hot so I don’t need to take a lot of make up with me cuz they just melt off of my face. However I still like to take some essential make up products to make me look semi okay even when it’s boiling hot outside. So I’m gonna list here all the products that I’m taking on holiday with me…



First one is a brow pencil from Tanya Burr Cosmetics, and it is their Selfie Scuplt in the shade medium. I use this everyday anyway and I feel like if nothing else is done on my face when I do my brows it makes such a difference. So that is something I couldn’t go away without.

I absolutely hate applying foundation to my face when it’s hot outside. It legit just melts form your face within a few hours, leaving you all patchy. Plus just the feeling of chemicals burning into my skin is something I cannot stand. With that said I still like to hide my dark undereyes and red spots if I have any, so I will take a concealer with me. But I absolutely try and use it to the minimum. I will take my trusty MUR concealer that will give me enough coverage and will be long lasting on my skin.


The only thing I actually am bothered with is my eyes. I will not apply eyeshadow, again it will melt off, but cannot go without a mascara. I will purchase a big sized Benefit Roller Lash as I have just run out on my mini, and it’s cheaper at the airport to buy. I love this mascara and it will be so pretty on my lashes. With that said I will also take my another essential eye make up product, the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in black which stays put on my tightline and doesn’t run down under my eyes.



When I’m going out in the evening I will put something on my cheeks just to give them a little somethin’ somethin’. I really like to use the cheek illuminators from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I will use Holiday Happiness as a blush and Forever Summer as a highlighter. I think they will be perfect and just enough with my minimalist holiday make up look.

So that is all the make up I will be taking with me. I cannot wait for the two week holiday, to be off from work and I will go through some big changes too which makes me very excited too. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. What are your go to make up bits to take on holiday with you?

Until next time,

Agota xx

The new Make Up Revolution concealer

If you read any blogs or follow any beauty blogger on any social media platforms you have probably heard of this concealer. The latest hype in the beauty world is this concealer. I finally managed to get shades for me and I’m gonna share my thoughts on it with you.

So first of all I bought the shade C4 when I was at Superdrug. I think they have a good variety of shades. I needed a lighter one as well, even though C4 is perfect match for my skin, I wanted something lighter underneath my eyes. So for that reason I ordered the shade C2, which is light enough to cover up my dark circles. (lot of points go for that!)







This concealer claims to be full coverage and I think it does live up to that claim. It covers any blemishes and red spots on my face perfectly. I really like the consistency of the product, it is definitely on the thicker side. As it is full coverage it is well pigmented and little goes a long way.

I think almost everybody’s fave thing about this concealer is the wand. It is quite big and  easy to use and you don’t have to dip it in again to get more product. Also let’s be honest it is the perfect dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape (which I  want soooo bad!). I think MUR does dupes well anyway, so there is no surprise that this product did so well.

Looking at the price point it is definitely worth it, since it’s retailing for only £4. Overall, I really like this concealer, it’s gonna have a shared first place in my favourites with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.

Hope you liked this post! What are your thoughts on this concealer? Have you tried it or are you planning too?

Until next time xx


Budget friendly eyeshadow palette for Autumn

I like to apply natural eyeshadows anyway but, in the Autumn I feel like it is only right to apply natural eyeshadows. Currently I’m trying to do a beauty spend ban, which means not purchasing any new make up products, which is just hard, especially with all the Christmas ranges being out now, but nonetheless I am trying.

I did want to find a make up palette therefore that was already in my possession, because I didn’t want to send money getting a new one, and oh boy I could have..

But right now trying to make most of what I already have and after writing up the longest intro to a blog post, here is the cheapest palette I think you can find in the drugstore, that has all the shades you need for Autumn.


This palette is by Make Up Revolution, their Redemption Palette Iconic 1, and and it has 12 shades in there and all that for only £4. If you are on a budget or just simply like to get a lot for your money, as I do, then this is a very good option for you.

Despite of being ridiculously cheap, it is actually a good quality palette, where the shades are bendable. I like shimmery eyeshadows most of the time, and 10 out of the 12 is shimmery, the other two are perfect matte shades for the crease.


You can find really light everyday shades in it, as well as darker, autumny shades as well. I really like the variety you get, and all you need to do is just play round with it.

Here are all the swatches from the palette :


This has definitely been the eyeshadow palette I have been reaching for the most in the last few weeks.

What is your go to eyeshadow palette for Autumn?

I hope you liked this blog post and have a lovely day. xx