Birchbox x Ohh Deer

The new year started with my fave Birchbox ever. I love stationery, almost as much as make up, and this month Birchbox teamed up with Ohh Deer, a British stationary brand. I have never heard of them, and now I know they also do a subscription box I am so tempted to subscribe. I love the design of the box so much. The colours are right up my street, it’s also very pretty and a perfect thing to brighten up your blue January.

So lets’s see what I got in this month’s box:








This box was sort of make up heavy and I don’t mind that at all. So first thing is a crayon blush from Lord and Berry. Having been given the choice I went for the pinkier shade, Camelia. I have never used crayon blush before, usually even stay away from creamy blushes, so I am excited to see how easy it is to blend and work with. Swatching it on my hand, it has a creamy texture and does blend out easy, so my hopes are definitely up.

Next item is a waterproof eyeliner from Marcelle. Now I use eyeliner basically everyday, I use the pencil ones usually on my tightline. It is lucky that this is waterproof because you need a waterproof eyeliner for your tightline for sure, otherwise it’ll disappear within an hour. This eyeliner has a soft texture, glides on my hand easily as I’m swatching it. It promises to be smudge resistant and to stay put all day. Intrigued! It says the colour of it is charcoal, but it is more dark gray than black, so it’ll definitely give you a softer less dramatic look, I expect. Still I can’t wait to try it!


Moving from make up bits to skincare, this box contains a night cream from Thermaliv. I like to stay away from night creams, because I find that they make my skin oilier, so leaving it clean after I take my make up off in the evening is the best thing to do for me. This night cream promises to hydrate your skin during the night when you can’t get enough sleep. I do get dry skin in this winter months, so I will give this a go, see how it works. It has a very light scent to it, and gets quickly absorbed in my hand as I try it out. I do hope it’ll work for me.


Moving from face to hair the next thing is a Keratin Smooth Conditioner by Luseta Beauty. It promises to moisture your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. This conditioner is good for damaged hair, which I almost always have, and supposed to work from inside out. Gonna try the next time I wash my hair as I have never been disappointed with and of the samples Birchbox has sent me hair-wise.



Lastly in the box is an Amazing Makeup Remover cloth by Afterspa. It does sound amazing as it says you only need warm water and the cloth to remove your makeup. I have to try it to be honest to believe it does work like that. Only downside is that you should wash it in the washing machine after every use, and I only do my laundry once a week, but wear makeup like 5 or 6 days of the week. But that’s just my issue really. Very very curios to see how it works!


They also included loads of stickers for bonus, love it!

So this was the first Birchbox of 2018! Hope you like this blog post and all the review of the products!

If you have a subscription as well, what did you get in your box?

Hope you have a lovely day! xx

January Favourites

January always feels like the longest month of the year. Buuut if is sooo god for trying out new bits and pieces, especially if you got yourself a handful of goodies in the January sales 😉 Not to mention all the Christmas presents that that I had a lot of time trying out and using in the month of January. SO here are ALL the products I loved in these long five weeks of January.


My first favorite of the month is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Beautifully Defined palette (which I believe you can still get from the Feelunique website). I generally loved Tanya’s Christmas collection, and was very excited about the palettes especially. This one has gorgeous eye shadows in it, a highlighter, a liquid highlighter and a bronzer. I wanted to have this palette to be honest because of the liquid highlighter but actually ended up liking the bronzer a lot more. It is a nice caramel shade, I find it goes very well with my pale skin. Easy to blend, and looks very natural on the face. Also in love with the eye shadows, the pigmentation is on point as always. They’re just pretty every day colours.


My second favourite is another palette of Tanya’s. It was the first one I had my eye on, when she released the collection. It is the Pretty Unstoppable palette. It has four eye shadows, a highlighter, a blusher, and a matte mini lipstick. I think this is the palette that had the most to offer in term of quantity of products and price. Really like the eye shadows, easy to create an everyday look with them. But with the darker shades it is easy to do a more of a night out look as well. Reminds me of Tanya’s other eye shadow palettes.


For Christmas I got the long-wanted Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Queen B. I really, really, really like the formula and the shade of this lipstick. This is the only Too Faced Melted lipstick I own, but after using this I definitely want to try more. It glides on so easily on the lips, the pigmentation is just beautiful, literally one swipe is enough to get the full effect. It is not too drying on the lips, more like you can’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips. Win, win!


A new discovery this month is the Maybelline the Falshies Push Up mascara. I did another blog post on my fave mascaras where I talk about the reasons why I like this one, so I’ll leave you a link for it, if you would like to read it.


This is not a product I purchased in January to tell you the truth, but I definitely rediscovered it in my collection, and found myself reaching for it every day. I like pink shade blushes the most. I just think they suit my pale complexion nicely. This blush is very pigmented, so little bit goes a long way. It also has a tiny bit of glitter in it, so if you don’t like that avoid this product, but when applied to the face it is not glittery at all, just gives you a nice sheen, which is always nice with blushes.

What have been your faves in January?