3 must read YA books

I have turned into quite the book worm last year, reading lots of books. Some were better than others. Even though I don’t think any book is bad, I like the ones that I can’t put down, really excited to pick up again and read it, and finish them like in a week. From all the books I’ve read last year three stuck with me the most. These were I think a bit different ones, in terms of that wasn’t just about two teenagers falling in love. And I really liked that. They were just as exciting, if not even more so, but most importantly I found them quite refreshing to read. Can’t take credit though finding these books, as all three was a recommendation of Zoella, two if not all three were included in the Zoella book club as well. What can I say she has good taste in books, definitely matches mine!

So I decided to share the three books I think you should definitely read, if you like reading young adult books.





This book is about a girl, named Vivian, a shy girl who is a bit fed up with the sexist things going on in her high school. Basically she is fed all the boys getting away with nasty comments, stupid dress codes for girls etc. She then decides to fight back through a feminist zine, she creates in secret, called Moxie. I really liked this book, I think it touches upon a lot of issues that girls in high school go through. It is an empowering read too for us girls. Mainly I just really liked that it’s not just about a shy girl getting together with the new guy in school. I think I read in a few days, it was inspiring and overall I just really liked the different feel to the book.


Beautiful Broken Things

Staying with the “different” feeling here that a book gives, this one is the first I’ve read in a long time, other than Moxie, that doesn’t have romance as a main focus in the story. Actually it has no boy-girl romance in it, it has something way better, friendship between girls. Maybe it’s just me who has not come across books like this before, but again, this was so refreshing to read. I have always found friendships between girls interesting, and noticed how it was just different from boys being friends. This book is about a girl, Caddy and her best friend Rosie who have been best friends since they were four. Then Rosie befriends a new girl Suzanne in her school, and she sort of comes between the two girls. Also Suzanne has a past full of secrets. I think this book shows so beautifully how complex female friendships are, how two can become three, something I think we have all experienced before. I could legit not put this book down, it was so interesting regarding the story lines and the characters. I would a hundred percent recommend reading this one!


Holding up the Universe

I am pretty sure that if you like reading YA book, that you have read or at least heard about All the bright places by Jennifer Niven. That book was the best too, so when I saw that this book was also by Jennifer Niven, I knew I had to read it, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I really like reading stories that kind of written from both of the main characters’ perspectives. This book follows a girl, Libby, who is home schooled because of her weight problems but now is going back to school, and Jack, who is a cool boy in that same school, but suffering from an illness no one knows about. Then they meet and help each other with their problems as they slowly fall in love too. This book really shows, that people are more than what we think of them usually, and that how important it is to find someone who sees you for who you really are.

Hope you liked this post, I really like sharing books I enjoy just as much as make up I enjoy. Did you read any of these books? Which one would you read/is your fave? Also feel free to leave recommendations too!

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Everything, Everything book review


So I heard about this book from watching Zoella’s book club video on Youtube and I just suddenly became so interested in it, I knew it was right up my street and just wanted to read it instantly.

With that being said, I only got this book for Christmas ( have no idea why I didn’t just buy it for myself before ūüėÄ ) and basically read it in five days. It completely sucked me in, I found it so hard to put it down, just wanted to know what happens. These are for me the makings of a good book. And I think I really found a gem here, so I have to share it with you, because everybody should read this brilliant book.

So the book is about a girl called Maddie, who is allergic to everything (!) ¬†and hasn’t left her house for 17 years. Then (naturally) a handsome boy moves in next door. They start talking online and fall in love and with that, basically Maddie’s life is turned upside down. She wants to discover more of the world that has been out of reach for so long. It’s all about what we are willing to do and sacrifice love, and the feeling that it will all worth it.

The story starts off with Maddie introducing us to her illness, and her daily routines, and how she is kept safe basically. We learn that she has a mother, who is a doctor, and a caretaker called Carla. All of these characters seems, nice and kind, and overall, Maddie thinks she is living a happy life, the fullest in her circumstances.

Then everything changes as Olly moves in next door. He kind of seems like bad boyish character, even though he’s really smart. Unfortunately¬†has family troubles. He and his sister try to make friends with Maddie, with not a lot of luck as she can’t be contacted with the outside world.

That doesn’t stop them to create some sort of contact, they start IMing each other. Then later on they arrange a secret meeting, trying to be friends first, but they just can’t help to fall in love with each other to the point where Maddie is just risking everything, including her own life, to be together with Olly. I’ll stop here, because it gets too exciting from this on, and I really don’t want to give a lot away.

Why I liked it:

I really enjoyed how this book is written, for example with some pages just having only a couple of sentences on it to emphasize what is happening. It makes me feel like the editing of the pages really adds a lot to the story. To be honest I really like that kind of writing, when it’s not too strict in a way. In my opinion it makes the book more unique and interesting. I like the story as well, I thought it was a great twist on your typical teenage love stories.

I can’t really say anything bad about is to be honest, the only thing is I feel like the end is a bit¬†sudden, I felt like I needed a bit more for a closure, but that is really just nitpicking from my part. Probably just found it hard to deal with the fact that the book was over. ¬†#bookhangover

Overall, I highly recommend for anyone to read this book. Especially if you like teenage love stories with a twist. I thoroughly enjoyed every page, and this book is up there with my favourite books I’ve ever read.

More info: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18692431-everything-everything

Where to buy it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Everything-Nicola-Yoon/dp/0552574236/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485701262&sr=8-1&keywords=everything+everything+book