My body lotion collection

Now that hopefully the cold and dry months are coming to an end, I decided to share all the products that have helped my dry body to survive. I have no idea how I accumulated this many body butters and lotions and cream, but I do like each one of them because of their different consistency. And I like to use them different times too and my body needs them.



I like to use a body butters when my skin feels really dry and I can feel it needing a lot of moisture. However I do not like the thick consistency that much I have to be honest. I usually use these on the weekend, or on days when I can stay in my pjs all day. Because trying to put on skinny jeans after putting on body butter is just the worst! I have The Body Shop Peach body butter, I do love the smell of it, it’s so good! I also have the Snowella Snow Smooth body butter, which has a lighter consistency and it makes my feel skin really smooth actually. I also have another body butter from Soap and Glory, their Daily Smooth body butter, which is not as thick as the Body Shop one, but again I really like the smell, and it sinks in a bit faster.



I much prefer lotions and creams, but my fave is probably a whipped body lotion. I enjoy using the Zoella Double Cream body lotion, mostly for the scent. Although it does a good job at moisturizing my skin. My two faves have to be the Zoella Body Pudding, which I like because it sinks in so fast, and it’s just so easy and moisturizing. The other favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body lotion. It is a not as light as the body pudding, but sinks is fairly quickly and just love love the smell of it too. Goes perfectly with my same scented shower cream.


So this is my body butter/cream/lotion collection. I hope you liked this blog post and please share your faves in the comments!

Until next time,

Agota xx

Winter essentials

While some people love winter time and really enjoy the cold weather and wrapping up warm, I much prefer summer and spring, warmer months with lots of sunshine. I do need quite a few stuff to help me through the cold days of winter and everything that comes with that. The thing I really like about this time of the year is cozying up and pampering. So I decided to gather together my “winter essentials” , all the products that help me survive, until the warm weather comes.



Hand creams

Definite must haves. I use them all year around anyway, but I definitely reach for them more this time of the year. I absolutely can’t stand when my hands are feeling dry, and I need to moisturize them straight away. I have been loving the Zoella Beauty Winter Wonder Hand hand cream. I have one on my desk, one next to my bed and I also bought another one for when I run out. I love the smell and it sinks is quite quick and leaves my hand feeling super soft. I also like the original hand cream by Zoella Beauty, and I also have to mention another favourite of mine, which is Hand Food by Soap and Glory.


Body Butter

I have been getting into the habit of using body lotions and butters a lot more last year, in fact I can’t even go on if I don’t use them. And in winter I am more likely to use a body butter, which is thicker and heavier consistency, than your usual body lotion. I use it after taking a shower in the evening, and it helps to make my skin feel better in these drying month. My go to has been The Daily Smooth body butter by Soap and Glory. Love the smell and it doesn’t take ages to sink in.

Hydrating mask

Now my face is oily in the T-zone for sure but on my cheeks I do get dry skin, so I what I found works best for me is a hydrating mask. I really like using The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask. Put it on after I’ve done my skin care routine for the night and I let it work its magic. I find it sinks in a bit, but you can definitely feel it there in the morning too. I really like how soft my face is after using it. Another thing I use is a cream by Thermaliv, which I received in January’s Birchbox. It is a night cream which also made to hydrate the skin during the night and it slowly becoming a favourite of mine.


Lip balms

I saved my absolute essential product for last. I am one of those people that live in lip balms, I have it on all the time. Expect when I’m actually wearing something on my lips. Just like I can’t stand the feeling of dry hands, I can’t stand the feeling or dry lips, possibly even more so. I have lip balms scattered around the house, in my bags, on my desk and next to my bed. I love Baby Lips especially, also have a few of Zoella Beauty ones too. I also enjoy using the simple blue Nivea one too.

Hope you liked this post! What are your winter essentials?

xx, Agota