A few of my favourite things (autumn edition)

I actually have never been a fan of this season until I moved to the UK and here most people really like Autumn, so much that is actually rubbed of on me too and I catch myself enjoying this time of the year very much. So I wanted to share with you all the random things I enjoy the most, which are probably very cliche ones, but oh well… at least it’s #relatable.




1. Knitwear and hats

Let’s start with the first cliche thick jumpers and hats. They keep me warm (obviously), but they are also so cozy and easy to wear. I don’t usually put a lot of thoughts into my outfits so having to throw on a jumper is actually just perfect.

I was the kind of kid who never wanted to wear hats, but growing up and now being 26, I love wearing them. Granted they look a lot better now than they did back then! Also like the fact that you can hide your unwashed hair from the public for a day more, by wearing them. Win win!

2. Hot chocolate

Onto the second cliche one, but I was never one avid hot chocolate drinker in this season, but this year, I’ve already had more than possibly previous years combined. My fave one ver is Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate and I can’t wait to get more and more of it, but I like a homemade chocolate just as much. Fave is at the moment my salted caramel one, with whipped cream and all the marshmallows.

3. TV shows

Autumn and generally winter nights in are perfect to curl up on my bed and watch TV shows and of course eat some food and snacks as well (or better drink a hot chocolate). Some of the TV shows I love at the moment are Riverdale ( of course! ), Supergirl, Dynasty and The Flash. But if I want something absolutely comfortable and cosy to watch Gilmore Girls is the way to go.

4. My bed

Probably the randomest of them all. It is not my dream bed, it’s just a bed that came with the rented house we live in, but I feel like with enough pillows, I managed to make it my fave space in the house. (especially this time of year!)

5. Candles aaaand fairy lights

I always have fairy light on when I sleep anyway, but this season I like to have more of them on and just making the room really cosy and warm, especially when it’s cold and rainy outside.

What can I say candles are really essentials this season, or rather how can you exist without candles lit in your house in this season?? I like vanilla scents a lot and my fave is from Yankeee candles, and it’s their vanilla cupcake one. And I can’ wait to get more festive scented candles burning in December. Also really like candles from Primark their cheap and still smell amazing!

I hope you liked this blog post! What are your fave things that are really autumnal?

Until next time,

Agota xx

Getting ready for Autumn… my jacket/coat collection

Okay so I actually don’t have a lot of winter coats, but coats for autumn and spring I have a lot of. They are mostly hands down from my sister and my friends and the good old charity shops, but I still like them nonetheless, and this is supposed to be more of an inspirational fashion blog post, rather than coats you can actually buy in the shops, so sorry about that. Still, I wanted to snap a few pics and share them with you. I know I like looking at outfits, that are just simple everyday ones, and not necessarily have to spend money on them, but I might find them in my own wardrobe too. So hope you like this post!








Until next time,

Agota xx

NYX Powder Puff Lippie

This was such an interesting concept form NYX and I bought two shades months ago and then I was just unmotivated to blog and all… but here I am finally giving my thoughts on this product. So let’s just get straight into it.

Firstly I got the shades Cool intentions and Moody, actually I think they will be pretty good shade choices for the coming Autumn. So the product comes out at the end through the applicator as a cream and then it turns into a mousse-y kind of powder when you apply it to the lips. The application is really easy. I find it really comfortable to wear, actually not even feeling like I have anything on my lips.




They are pigmented and I don’t find them drying on my lips, however with the shade Moody I did notice it started bleeding after a few hours so would definitely recommend using a lip liner with it.

They don’t feel tacky on the lips, like I said they feel like nothing on the lips. They have a matte finish, which I generally prefer, however unfortunately they do not dry down completely, I don’t think they’re supposed to, so naturally you have to keep reapplying hem throughout the day especially after eating.

I do like these lippies, the only thing I don’t like about them is what I just mentioned. I prefer lipstick that dry down and stay in place. But nontheless I will still use them, cause they are really pretty and comfortable on the lips.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think? If you haven’t, do you want to try them? Let’s have a chat in the comments!

Hope you liked reading this blog post and…

Until next time,

Agota xx

Bilou Foaming Shower Gels

I have seen these products all over IG and YT and yet everytime I went into Superdrug I would forget to pick it up and try it for myself, until now. I finally remembered when I was out shopping and since it was 3 for 2, I obviously had to get 3 of the Bilou shower gels.




First of all I really love the packaging I think it is cute yet simple. It is easy to use, and not just that it is so fun to use too. And don’t even get me started on the scents… they all remind me of sweets from my childhood and honestly I could even eat them probably… they smell that delicious.

They leave my skin feeling nice and clean. The reason why I really like these products is because they actually make me excited to get in the shower and I love when shower gels and body lotions that does that to you (is that just me??). I wake up and already can’t wait for my shower time at the end of the day.

So I have been using them non stop and I am really happy with them. Have you ever tried them before? Which one is your fave?

Until next time,

Agota xx

Castle Combe

One of my favourite places to visit here in England is little villages. I absolutely love the vibe that’s there, all the history, you can feel the time that has passed in the air. I first visited Castle Combe few years ago and gone back there a few times since. This tiny little village is so beautiful, that I decided amongst all the beauty posts I really need to mix it up and show you this wonderful place. Hopefully  my photos will do justice, but I would definitely recommend visiting this place if you can. Hope you enjoy the photos!







Trying out Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24HR

Since the weather has been so nice and warm in there past few weeks, I haven’t worn a lot of make up on my face, but I have been really missing eyeshadows so I picked up this gel-cream eyeshadow by Maybelline as I thought it would be so easy to use.

I picked up the shade Pink Gold and I really like it. It is easy to apply, I use my fingers to do so. One thing is important, you have to use a primer with this. I assume the 24HR means it should be long lasting, but without a primer it starts to crease within a few hours, but with a primer it last all day.




I also tried it with a powder on top, but that is not necessary as it dries down and stays in place. I also use a setting spray with it. But I feel like the primer makes a huge difference and actually makes the product long lasting.

I really like the colour, it has good pigmentation, I think it goes well with my brown eyes. I have always enjoyed using pink shimmery eyeshadows. Also it’s just pretty perfect for summer I think.





Overall, if you’re looking for something very simple to apply on your eyelids, I would recommend picking up a shade from this range.

Hope you liked this post. What is your go to eyeshadow in the summer or do you even apply any when it’s too hot outside? Let me know.

Until next time,

Agota xx

Going through a big change

So this is a story time kind of blog post which is something I have never done before but now I do actually have a story to tell. Before I started blogging I have had this big issue and that was my teeth. I have been loving make up and playing around with it and all for a long time, but my teeth have always held me back. I think I liked putting make up on my eyes so it actually drew attention from my lips, and with that my teeth. I didn’t used to use lipstick or any lip product at all basically until like 3 years ago. Then I got a little bit of courage thinking, sod it, my teeth are not that terrible, they make me me and all those kinds of thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t that bad I think, just sticking out bunny teeth, also had lots of filling done to them too. I just have bad teeth, I also admit not really looking after them when I was a kid, but also my mum had a lot of problems with hers so I guess I kind of got that from her, cheers mum!

Anyway, they never actually bothered me, I guess I was ignoring how they actually looked when I spoke and smiled, also no one has ever said anything bad about them, so I wasn’t really conscious of them either.

They were bad teeth though, 3 of my front 4 teeth have had root canal treatment done to them when I was around 13, 14 years old. And fillings too as I have mentioned before. Then two years ago I was ‘lucky’ enough to have cysts on two of my front teeth too. I could not believe it… So I had to get a little operation done to them, which all went fine, but then the root filling started to get discolouration, turning my teeth basically very grey. These were obviously my front teeth so I hated that and how they were looking. Naturally I went to the dentist to ask what can be done… with all that trouble I had already had with them the only solution was to get crowns.

I don’t know if you knew this but these things can be quite expensive in the UK, especially if you go private, so I decided to get them done back home in Hungary. When I went back home in September they said they need two weeks to get it done, so the closest I could do it was May, which were a lot of months of waiting for it. It all had to do with my holidays and all so that’s why I had to wait. I hated it, still liked wearing lipstick, but knowing how they looked… I got to the point where I didn’t even dare to smile in public or laugh. I really hated it. So as scared as I was of getting them done, I wanted it more.

So that was basically my two week holiday in May. I still fully enjoyed my time home, also getting my teeth done. I have crowns, they look straighter, and all in all just looks a hundred times better than my original teeth ever did. I only had to do four appointments to get them done, there was a lot of injections, but it was all worth it. It definitely boosts my confidence and I am just so happy with them. I have always felt like I have something to hide, could never actually smile on photos, but now I finally can!

So this is the big change I have gone through at the end of May. It also took me a long time to write this post, not sure if I wanted to share this or not, but in the end I thought it might help some people in some way.

I hope you liked this post and I know we should all love ourselves for how we look and all that, but there is also nothing wrong with changing something that you don’t like about yourself. Mind you I probably would have never got them fixed if they weren’t slowly turning black. All I’m trying to say that it is okay to change something about yourself that you don’t like if it holds you back and you know you will feel a lot better after it. I honestly feel a lot better about myself, about how I look.

Until next time,

Agota xx

Catrice Cosmetics

So when I went home for two weeks at the end of May, one thing I knew I had to do was to pick up some Catrice Cosmetics goodies. I used to love this brand when I was living back home in Hungary, but I could never find it in the UK. Then I saw a few Youtubers talking about these product and I remembered I liked them too. So I went into Rossman which is like Superdrug and picked up these products. Since then I also had a chance to try them out too. As I was expecting I really liked them so now I’m gonna share my thoughts on them with you…





So the first thing I picked up was this liquid camouflage concealer simply because I saw people speaking about it so I wanted to try it. I do like it, however it is scented and it is not bad but for me it is a bit strange that it is scented like that. The coverage is good, not as good and the MUR one, but still pretty good. I like to wear only concealer on my face in the summer months instead of a foundation and this is doing a pretty good job of hiding my spots and staying on my face all day.



I also wanted to try one of their powders so I picked up this mattifying powder in transparent and I ended up really liking it, more so than my trusted Rimmel Stay matte one, which I use all the time. But this one is just so light on the skin and really gives that airbrushed finished, also it doesn’t make me look powdery at all. It sets my undereyes perfectly, locking all the concealer in place.



While I was at the counter I could not resist picking up a mascara (God, I have so many now and I want to use them all, all the time, help!). This is their Glam&Doll mascara. I do like the packaging, the bottle looks so sleek, but what I really liked was the wand if I’m honest that is the reason why I picked it up, or more precisely because it reminded me of the wand that the Lash Sensational mascara has. It is a good mascara, gives big, separated lashes and it is not clumpy, which I like. It can be layered up and it is really black. Did not regret picking it up for sure!




Also I could not resist picking up lip products either, obviously. I picked up a lipstick and a matte lip cream as well. I cannot begin to tell you how pretty this lipstick is… it is that perfect greyish pinky nude I always wanted to have, I prefer it so much more than brown toned nudes. And it is matte as well! It is long lasting on the lip, so comfortable to wear and non drying on the lips. I am so happy with it that I have been wearing it almost non stop after taking pictures of it of course. The other product is the matte lip cream, which I also like, but I wish it was a little bit more pigmented. I tried using it with a lip liner underneath and that is definitely better, just makes the colour pop more. It is pretty on it’s own too, just not as popping, which could be good if you want a little bit of colour on your lips. Nonetheless I still love this colour and have been also wearing it a lot. I says on the packaging that it is matte, but it is definitely not long lasting. It does not fully dry down on the lips, similar to the NYX lip creams in my opinion. I will still probably pick up more shades when I visit home next, probably Christmas time.

So this was my little Catrice Cosmetics haul, I hope you liked it. Have you tried this brand? What are your fave products from them?

Until next time,

Agota xx

5 product holiday make up

Currently as I’m writing this post I am spending my holiday back in my hometown in Hungary. The weather here is very warm already, around 27 degrees. I don’t like to apply a lot of make up when it’s this hot outside or warmer, but I still like to put a little bit of make up on to, you know, make me feel more like a functioning human. I came up with this very easy make up look and have been doing this every morning since being away, for like four days. It is so easy and simple and I only need five product. (even though I have my make up bag full of products that I brought but don’t use, haha).





First stop is the brows. I feel like even if I didn’t have any make up on I would still like my brows to be filled in and look nice. It simply just makes your whole face look a lot better in my opinion. I have been using the brow pencil by Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the shade medium.

For eyeshadow I actually apply a highlighter also by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. It look gorgeous on the eyes, not too much yet perfectly shimmery for the sun outside.

I couldn’t go anywhere without a concealer. My dark under eyes need to be hidden away wherever I go so I always use my trusted conceal and define concealer by Make Up Revolution. The coverage with this concealer is unreal and it stays on my face for a long time even without setting it.

For my face I only use a blush. Especially if it’s really sunny outside. I want my skin to be as free of make up as possible and not let any chemicals burn into my skin. But it’s hard to resist this gorgeous blush which I think is just perfect for holidays. It is a bit shimmery and has a pink shade, very flattering on the skin too.

Last product of course has to be a mascara. Benefit’s Roller Lash is just perfect when you want your lashes to appear big and voluminous. Especially when you have so little make up on your eyes.

So this is my very easy and simple make up routine that is I think perfect and quick for holidays. How do you do your make up when you’re on holiday?

Until next time,

Agota xx

Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara review

I have had this mascara sitting in my drawer for months now and I finally opened it up and started using it. I found this mascara in TK Maxx for £4. Since Covergirl is not available in the UK I was really happy to have found it. I just could not leave it there. So this is the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara.

The first very noticeable thing is that it has a stiff applicator with little bristles in the end. It is quite hard of a material so I’d say be careful when applying as it can be a little hard on the roots of the lashes. I can feel it scratch it sometimes when I apply too close to the roots.

For the first layer it is quite subtle, but it can definitely be build up. I think it’s good that it can be worn just easy everyday mascara with just a few layers or can be layered up for a more dramatic look.

As the name would suggest it does not clump up, which is a bonus, I am not really a big fan of clumpy lashes and this mascara does a good job of separating my lashes yet still giving them volume and thickness.



I would say it is very black, which is what I like, and also waterproof. I does stay put all day, does not print anywhere around my eye, even when I’m just sweating so much.

For a waterproof mascara I was worried that taking it ott would be hard, but it actually comes off fairly easily. I tried it both with a make up remover and a cotton pad, also with cleansing butter. Both ways remover any traces of mascara.

I will be definitely using this mascara a lot, because I find it is perfect for summery sweaty days when I don’t have to worry about it running down my face.

Hope you liked this review, and let me know if you tried this mascara or any other mascara by Covergirl!

Until next time,

Agota xx