Going through a big change

So this is a story time kind of blog post which is something I have never done before but now I do actually have a story to tell. Before I started blogging I have had this big issue and that was my teeth. I have been loving make up and playing around with it and all for a long time, but my teeth have always held me back. I think I liked putting make up on my eyes so it actually drew attention from my lips, and with that my teeth. I didn’t used to use lipstick or any lip product at all basically until like 3 years ago. Then I got a little bit of courage thinking, sod it, my teeth are not that terrible, they make me me and all those kinds of thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t that bad I think, just sticking out bunny teeth, also had lots of filling done to them too. I just have bad teeth, I also admit not really looking after them when I was a kid, but also my mum had a lot of problems with hers so I guess I kind of got that from her, cheers mum!

Anyway, they never actually bothered me, I guess I was ignoring how they actually looked when I spoke and smiled, also no one has ever said anything bad about them, so I wasn’t really conscious of them either.

They were bad teeth though, 3 of my front 4 teeth have had root canal treatment done to them when I was around 13, 14 years old. And fillings too as I have mentioned before. Then two years ago I was ‘lucky’ enough to have cysts on two of my front teeth too. I could not believe it… So I had to get a little operation done to them, which all went fine, but then the root filling started to get discolouration, turning my teeth basically very grey. These were obviously my front teeth so I hated that and how they were looking. Naturally I went to the dentist to ask what can be done… with all that trouble I had already had with them the only solution was to get crowns.

I don’t know if you knew this but these things can be quite expensive in the UK, especially if you go private, so I decided to get them done back home in Hungary. When I went back home in September they said they need two weeks to get it done, so the closest I could do it was May, which were a lot of months of waiting for it. It all had to do with my holidays and all so that’s why I had to wait. I hated it, still liked wearing lipstick, but knowing how they looked… I got to the point where I didn’t even dare to smile in public or laugh. I really hated it. So as scared as I was of getting them done, I wanted it more.

So that was basically my two week holiday in May. I still fully enjoyed my time home, also getting my teeth done. I have crowns, they look straighter, and all in all just looks a hundred times better than my original teeth ever did. I only had to do four appointments to get them done, there was a lot of injections, but it was all worth it. It definitely boosts my confidence and I am just so happy with them. I have always felt like I have something to hide, could never actually smile on photos, but now I finally can!

So this is the big change I have gone through at the end of May. It also took me a long time to write this post, not sure if I wanted to share this or not, but in the end I thought it might help some people in some way.

I hope you liked this post and I know we should all love ourselves for how we look and all that, but there is also nothing wrong with changing something that you don’t like about yourself. Mind you I probably would have never got them fixed if they weren’t slowly turning black. All I’m trying to say that it is okay to change something about yourself that you don’t like if it holds you back and you know you will feel a lot better after it. I honestly feel a lot better about myself, about how I look.

Until next time,

Agota xx

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