Catrice Cosmetics

So when I went home for two weeks at the end of May, one thing I knew I had to do was to pick up some Catrice Cosmetics goodies. I used to love this brand when I was living back home in Hungary, but I could never find it in the UK. Then I saw a few Youtubers talking about these product and I remembered I liked them too. So I went into Rossman which is like Superdrug and picked up these products. Since then I also had a chance to try them out too. As I was expecting I really liked them so now I’m gonna share my thoughts on them with you…





So the first thing I picked up was this liquid camouflage concealer simply because I saw people speaking about it so I wanted to try it. I do like it, however it is scented and it is not bad but for me it is a bit strange that it is scented like that. The coverage is good, not as good and the MUR one, but still pretty good. I like to wear only concealer on my face in the summer months instead of a foundation and this is doing a pretty good job of hiding my spots and staying on my face all day.



I also wanted to try one of their powders so I picked up this mattifying powder in transparent and I ended up really liking it, more so than my trusted Rimmel Stay matte one, which I use all the time. But this one is just so light on the skin and really gives that airbrushed finished, also it doesn’t make me look powdery at all. It sets my undereyes perfectly, locking all the concealer in place.



While I was at the counter I could not resist picking up a mascara (God, I have so many now and I want to use them all, all the time, help!). This is their Glam&Doll mascara. I do like the packaging, the bottle looks so sleek, but what I really liked was the wand if I’m honest that is the reason why I picked it up, or more precisely because it reminded me of the wand that the Lash Sensational mascara has. It is a good mascara, gives big, separated lashes and it is not clumpy, which I like. It can be layered up and it is really black. Did not regret picking it up for sure!




Also I could not resist picking up lip products either, obviously. I picked up a lipstick and a matte lip cream as well. I cannot begin to tell you how pretty this lipstick is… it is that perfect greyish pinky nude I always wanted to have, I prefer it so much more than brown toned nudes. And it is matte as well! It is long lasting on the lip, so comfortable to wear and non drying on the lips. I am so happy with it that I have been wearing it almost non stop after taking pictures of it of course. The other product is the matte lip cream, which I also like, but I wish it was a little bit more pigmented. I tried using it with a lip liner underneath and that is definitely better, just makes the colour pop more. It is pretty on it’s own too, just not as popping, which could be good if you want a little bit of colour on your lips. Nonetheless I still love this colour and have been also wearing it a lot. I says on the packaging that it is matte, but it is definitely not long lasting. It does not fully dry down on the lips, similar to the NYX lip creams in my opinion. I will still probably pick up more shades when I visit home next, probably Christmas time.

So this was my little Catrice Cosmetics haul, I hope you liked it. Have you tried this brand? What are your fave products from them?

Until next time,

Agota xx

4 thoughts on “Catrice Cosmetics

  1. Catrice make some amazing products. I love their lipsticks, they are so nice to use & really lovely on the lips too, not drying at all. I love that concealer as well. I really love their Priming Serum in Candlelight, it is such a beautiful product to use.

    It’s so gorgeous on the skin & it works really well at thinning out foundations that are very thick (esp if they have a matte finish). They have a golden shade too that I really want, I’m hoping its available here in Ireland at some point xx

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