My body lotion collection

Now that hopefully the cold and dry months are coming to an end, I decided to share all the products that have helped my dry body to survive. I have no idea how I accumulated this many body butters and lotions and cream, but I do like each one of them because of their different consistency. And I like to use them different times too and my body needs them.



I like to use a body butters when my skin feels really dry and I can feel it needing a lot of moisture. However I do not like the thick consistency that much I have to be honest. I usually use these on the weekend, or on days when I can stay in my pjs all day. Because trying to put on skinny jeans after putting on body butter is just the worst! I have The Body Shop Peach body butter, I do love the smell of it, it’s so good! I also have the Snowella Snow Smooth body butter, which has a lighter consistency and it makes my feel skin really smooth actually. I also have another body butter from Soap and Glory, their Daily Smooth body butter, which is not as thick as the Body Shop one, but again I really like the smell, and it sinks in a bit faster.



I much prefer lotions and creams, but my fave is probably a whipped body lotion. I enjoy using the Zoella Double Cream body lotion, mostly for the scent. Although it does a good job at moisturizing my skin. My two faves have to be the Zoella Body Pudding, which I like because it sinks in so fast, and it’s just so easy and moisturizing. The other favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body lotion. It is a not as light as the body pudding, but sinks is fairly quickly and just love love the smell of it too. Goes perfectly with my same scented shower cream.


So this is my body butter/cream/lotion collection. I hope you liked this blog post and please share your faves in the comments!

Until next time,

Agota xx

17 thoughts on “My body lotion collection

  1. I actually love that Zoella names her products as things that are so delicious – like butter pudding just sounds so good! The Body shop butters and lotions are always good quality, I get some every Christmas from my mum. Do you have any hand cream recommendations?? My hands are so dry atm but I don’t even know where to start for them.

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    1. Yeah I like that too! Can’t wait till she bring out the fruit range next year and what she’ll name those products!
      Same here! My hands are dry too, like I constantly have to apply hand cream. I use Zoella Beauty ones I think they’re quite good. Can’t go wrong with a Body Shop one. I also have a Clarins one which is a bit more pricy but it is really good and smells amazing. Or the Soap and Glory Hand Food , but not sure if you can get that in Australia. Hope that helped Ange! xxx

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  2. Would definitely recommend you trying the brand new Body Yogurts coming out in May from The Body Shop! They’re more lightweight and you’d be able to apply to damp skin straight after you get out of the shower! Love this post, let me know if you’d like a sample off me when they’re released xx

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      1. I would love to get a little package sent to you for you to try it out, we usually get things before the store too so you’d be one of the first to try! xx

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