NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation review

I’m not the one to change up my foundation a lot, usually I just stick to the one that works for me. But my skin has been getting a bit oilier recently and I wanted to try and find a specifically mattifying foundation and that’s how I stumbled onto the NYX  Stay Matte but not flat foundation. I have been using it for a weeks on and off and here is what I think about it.


First of all it is a water based foundation which I don’t think I have used before, and I think therefore it is quite dry on my skin. You would think because it’s water based it is quite runny but not at all, it has more like a tooth paste texture. First time applying it it felt like paint on my face, until I noticed it said ‘shake well’ on the back, so gave that a go, and it made it feel better on my skin. Using it more you get use to the texture and I actually grew to like it a lot, even though I was quite dubious about it at first.

It says on the packaging that it is full coverage, but it’s not totally full. It covers up most things on my face, but still need concealer after it for any spots or blemishes. With that said it does not feel heavy or think on my face and doesn’t cake up either.






It does give you a matte finish and it is oil free, so it is definitely good for oily skin, however I notice that my T-zone still get oily after hours of wearing it, especially in work. But that is fine as it doesn’t claim to be long lasting. ( and that’s probably due to my skin care routine which need changing up a bit )

Overall I think it is a good drugstore foundation, only costs 6 pounds. I probably still prefer the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, just because I like to work with a little but runnier texture.

Hope you like this review and please share any tips for applying foundation or what foundation to use for oily skin! Thanks!

Have a great day! xx


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