Christmas thoughts 2017

I did not plan to write this blog post. Currently I am stuck at the Bristol airport. My flight has been delayed by 7 hours on the busiest day of the year. I am sure you’ve all hears somewhat about what happened so not gonna go into the details.

Being stuck here for hours now kind of makes me reflect a lot on things and I do have a lot of time now so I wanted to write it all down before I lose the moment and the feeling.

I am flying home today to see my family for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited and I was really looking forward to it.

I’m sure it is not that big of a deal to someone who does fly quite frequently, but I never expected this to happen. I do get nervous about a lot of things when it comes to flying, especially when I fly alone. But really looking around me seeing all these people who are now waiting for hours for their flight either to go home or to have a festive little trip, has made me realise that we need to appreciate the people around us and spend as much time with them as we can. Also just be patient. We are all humans doing the most we can.

I also for some reason am not as nervous as I thought I would be in this situation. I am on my own and only the thought of this situation would normally freak me out. But I am staying calm. I actually decided to make the most of my time and write this blog post.

I feel like you never know how many things , however difficult they may be, you can endure until you have no choice but to endure them. I did not think I would react this camly and while I am earger to get home and get the flying bit over and done with, I am suprised how well I am doing mentally.

Anyone who suffers from any kind of mental illness will know that these little thriumps can mean so much, plus knowing that you once went through it and came out okay makes you stronger.

I already feel like I gained a lot from this experience. It taught me that I can dig deep and find the strength to deal with the situation. Just knowing that I have that in me helps. Even if I don’t feel it before.

I think I rambled on enough, not even sure it all made sense, but felt this big need to post this blog post and I hope it makes everyone reflect a little on things in this mad Christmas dash.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I’m still planning to upload that Christmas make up look.


2 thoughts on “Christmas thoughts 2017

  1. Hope that you arrived safely and you are enjoying your time with the people that were waiting for you 🙂
    And the thing that is the most frightful is the anticipation. That is why I don’t think too much about trips (and some other stuff) – I just get out and go. That is the main reason you stay calmed – you are there. The delay that you didn’t knew until you got there is nothing compared to a (example) delay that you knew that will happen.
    Have a good one,
    Antidote 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes I did. Thank God! I think our plane was the first to take off and maybe the only one that night, so actually can call myself really lucky!
      Yeah I agree with you! Had I known I have to wait 11 hrs for my flight would have made me anxious and nervous beyond reason. But I am proud how I handled it 🙂
      Thanks, Merry Christmas! 🙂

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