Fave jumpers + outfit ideas

First of all I am not really a fashion driven kind of gal. Never really had any designer clothes or bags or shoes. I usually like to wear casual but pretty clothes that don’t cost that much.

I also like to shop in charity shops. I like that I can find different pieces in there and I won’t be wearing the same jumper as all the other girls are wearing. Plus you can always find such good quality clothes, some even have the original tag on them.

So recently I wandered into my local charity shop to pick up a few more jumpers to my already full wardrobe. And when I was there I figured I could write a blog post about it, but not your average haul, more like just giving ideas how to wear the the clothes you might already have in your wardrobe

Please bear in mind that these are gonna be probably very plain and easy ideas, but that’s what I like when it comes to my “fashion”. Being comfortable in what I’m wearing is probably the most important thing for me.

So here we go.

Outfit No 1.


The one thing I was kind of on the hunt for was a white jumper. Something big and cosy but still pretty as I think white is just naturally pretty. I decided to style this up with a skirt and thick tights and ankle boots. I prefer to wear my skirts in the Autumn/Winter time, just cuz I like to wear it with thick tights. You can always throw on a jacket and a hat or scarf if it gets even colder outside.

Outfit No. 2.

I like blue and I like stripes so when I found this jumper I fell in love with it immediately and just had to have it. I’d like to wear it with jeans and again with ankle boots. i think it/s very easy to throw on and it is very comfortable to wear.

Outfit No. 3.

This is not really a piece of clothing for Autumn, but I still like to wear cardigans in every season really, and I found this pretty one again, couldn’t leave it. Funnily enough, it had the original tag on it, it probably was never worn, and originally cost £26 but I got it for £6. Bargain, right? I think it is perfect for evenings out, and again I just decided to put on a slightly prettier top and jeans and ankle boots.

I also really wanted to go outside to take these pics but the weather was just terrible and this was the only time I could take the pics, so sorry for the plain and boring background. I still hope you liked this blog post and I hope you have a lovely day.



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