Updated general skincare routine 2017

One of my first post here was a skin care routine. But that was soo long ago and I actually have been trying out a different brand, trying to upgrade my skincare routine. I’m the kind of person that sticks with what works for them. My skincare routine usually stays the same for a really long time.

I heard so many good things about The Body Shop before, just found was a bit expensive for my budget. But then I thought skincare is important so I can spend a little bit more money on it. Therefore I ventured into it and thank God I did, because right now I’m way happier with my skincare routine than I was before. Don’t get me wrong I really liked what I was using before, just felt like it was time to change things up a bit.


Consequences to that, I absolutely fell in love with their products and like the effect they had on my face.

So this routine is a morning/evening routine as in I don’t remove my eyemake up in the morning (obvs) and I don’t put moisturizers on in the evening.

So the first thing  I do (in the evening)  is remove my eye makeup. This product has been a lifesaver for me. Just had so enough of using cotton pads to remove my make up, as they were hurting my eyes. So I started using the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter make up remover. It is unbelievable how good this product is. It actually removes all my eye makeup, doesn’t leave any trace of mascara or eyeliner on your eyelids at all. NOTHING! Definitely gonna be using this a long time.


After I removed my eye makeup, I remove all the make up left on my face with the Garnier Micellar Water.

To actually clean my face I use the Vitamin E range cleanser. I have been using the cream one and it has a really lovely smell to it, the whole range does. This cleanser does a good job at removing all the leftover make up from my face.

One step that I just can’t miss is the toner. Even though my face is more on the normal side it does get oily sometimes in the T-zone but not oily enough to use products fully meant for oily skin. I use the Seaweed clarifying toner, which actually smells really good and mattifies my skin instantly. So this is my method of keeping my skin as oil free as I can.


And the last thing I do of course is moisturize. I have been using the Vitamin E moisturizer and I am really happy with how it’s working on my skin. A little goes a long way and smells really good too.

I feel like this routine has refreshened my skin and overall just did a lot of good things to it. It feels more soft more hydrated and just better looked after. I absolutely recommend you try out these products or just and Body Shop products in general and you won’t be disappointed.

What do you use to for your skincare routine? Feel free to share any tips and product recommendations. xx

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