Reconnecting to real life

This is a kind of an off post from the beauty topics but I never wanted to just blog about beauty stuff here so here we go, talking about a bit more personal topic.

I have never been a really social person. I’m just not a fan of going out and being social a lot. (yeah I have my issues but that is for another post in the future). Granted I do have social anxiety, but it’s not the fear keeping me from being social it’s because I don’t like  being around a lot of people that much. With that said I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really a people person.


I know it’s weird to have that and have a blog at the same I obviously want people to read it and connect to them, just gotta find the balance I guess, so be patient people! 😉

Sometimes it does gets a bit too much, even just being on Twitter and reading my feed gets me overwhelmed. But I have been making the effort of being more social even if it is only on social media, I still felt like I need to connect to people or more like just real life. Hence why I decided to write this blog post.


I do get the need to connect to people, but I rarely find people that make me interested in them. If that makes any sense. Not to be rude of course.

So I felt like I have to take a step back, again, and be not social, again for a bit.


I just feel like I’m a lot better at it if I want to be social rather than the have to be social.

I needed time off to find connection with real life and people, which is why I got lucky with my parents visiting me for 3 weeks. And then visiting my friend and we went on this walk, in a little natural reserve ( where all the pics are from ). I can’t tell you in words how good that felt. I was able to reconnect. Maybe that is the perfect word for it.



Being in natural alone, made me feel the need to connect to people, to be more interested in them, and to talk to them more. It also made me want to blog more and just do the things that I like. I felt good, Better than I have in a long time.

I feel like I want to be social again, I feel motivated to do blog posts, to get creative and overall to get excited for life again. I’m very glad that simple little walk had that effect on me.


So I had to type up this blog post quickly and share my experience. I’m sure I’m not the only person on the planet who is not that social and rather spends a Saturday evening binge watching some new show on Netflix. I can’t be.

I’d really like to find more people like me, so we can not be social together. ha ha.  What I mean is having people in my life that get what it’s like to live life like this.


I’m quite happy this way, though. Like this is me, and I’ve accepted it and okay with who I am.

Maybe this was just a lot of rambling, but I hope if anyone reads it, they find it it helpful and if you do, feel free to comment or say hi.


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