3 fave mascaras

Ever since I started using make up, mascaras were my favourite things. They just make you pretty instantly, whether you’re wearing a full face make up or just simply mascaras, they are the one make up product it is hard to live without.

On my journey of discovering make up, I tried lots and lots of mascaras, always from the drugstore (although I can’t wait to splurge out on some high end mascaras, definitely want to try the Too Faced Better than sex mascara πŸ˜‰ ).

My priorities when it comes to lashes are length and volume. The two things brands are sometimes find hard to offer in one product, but you can get lucky sometimes.

So here are my three faves at the moment, no order as I love them all equally. πŸ™‚


Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara (Β£7.99)

I’m pretty sure everyone in the beauty community has heard of this mascara, and most of you probably  have tried it as well, so it won’t come as a suprise when I say that this is the best drugstore mascara I’ve ever tried. It lifts up my lashes, makes them super long, easy to apply, no clumps at all, just beautiful voluminous lashes that last all day. I don’t use an eye lash curler, just cuz I never felt the need for it and with this mascara I don’t think you need one as it keep your lashes up and lifted for the whole day.


Maybelline Push Up Drama mascara (Β£7.99)

This one is a recent find to be honest, but I fell in love with it the first time I used it. This mascara is also great, it gives you a lot of volume I find, and the little bristles on the want helps you to separate the lashes and reach even the tiny ones in the inner corner. Another reason why I love this mascara is, because I think it is perfect for the bottom lashes. I like my bottom lashes to be full to and sometimes even if I use a different mascara on the top I use this one on the bottom, just to get a little  bit more fullness.


Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara (Β£6.99)

Another well loved mascara in the beauty community. I love this mascara for every day use, when you just want to chill so no need for dramatic lashes. Easy to apply and gives you a full lashes. I love the effect it gives to my lashes. Although I do find you need a couple of layers to get the full effect, but that is only because I find my mascaras get used to the plastic wand and need time to adjust to brush wand that this wand has.

All in all these are my absolute faves at the moment, and I like mixing them up as the days come.

Hope all of you has a lovely day/evening. πŸ™‚



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