My general skin care routine

I can’t even begin to address how important it is to take good care of your skin. Using cleansers and moisturizers is essential. It helps you to fight acne and spots and even helps your make up to look better.  In this post I would like to share with you how I look after my skin.

First of all I can count myself one of the lucky ones because I have never really suffered from bad acne, not even in my teenage years. But that was also the time when I started to use face cleansing product in more variety than before. ( possibly because I still had a couple of unwanted spots ). I have a big sister who then introduced me to the products she was already using. So I started to use a facial cleanser and a tonic first. I did notice how big of a difference that did to my face. And I have been doing it since then every morning and evening. Of course since then I added a few more items.

Moisturizers for example and eye cream. Both are very important. Even though I wasn’t a spotty teenager I definitely had oily skin, especially my T-zone. So at first the idea to put cream my already oily skin seemed a bit weird, but what I did’t know that your skin still can get dry as well as oily. Plus there are a ton of moisturizers out there that are specifically made for oily skin. And those are great because they help your skin to balance the oiliness.

So today I have a combination skin; a bit oily and a bit dry.( I know how can it be both though?? ) . I’m sure a lot of you are experiencing the same thing as I have heard of many people who has the same kind of skin type. So that means my T-zone still gets shiny and oily, but not as badly as it used to. But my cheeks and other parts of my face I have dry skin. So I like to use an oil balancing moisturizer cream for my whole face, hoping to defeat the oiliness one day! That seems to work for me, but every person differs, so you could be using two kind of moisturizers, one for oily and one for dry skin. Experimenting is the key in finding what works best for you and then sticking to it for a flawless skin. 😉


I have been using the same products over two years now, because they work for me, so no reason to change that. ( don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right? ). First of all I use Simple products, they are drugstore products, very affordable, but not too cheap that you’d think they don’t do anything.

Before I can start looking after my skin I need to get rid of my make up. I use Garnier micellar cleansing water to take my eye make up off. Then I use Simple Clear Skin oil balancing cleansing wipes to take the make up off my face.

After that, I use Simple Kind To Skin moisturizing facial wash followed by their Kind To Skin soothing facial toner. Toner is a must if you have oily skin, in my opinion, but even if you don’t, you should still use it. It helps to clean your pores more and also helps to get rid of any make up that still might be on your face after washing it. And I finish my routine off with Simple Clean Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer.

I repeat this every morning and evening, the only difference is that at the night I don’t use a moisturizer. There are some out there that are specifically made for the night, but I just find it’s best if I let my skin to just be nice and clean after all the make up I was wearing all day. I feel letting your skin breathe is very important and you’re skin is clearing during the night ( that’s why you usually wake up with spots in the morning even though you didn’t have any the night before ).


I can’t forget to mention that once a week I do use a facial scrub. If you’re like me and wear make up almost every day, scrubbing your face can do wonders. I feel like no matter how many cleansing product you use there’s always a teeny tiny bit of make up still left in your pores. Bur if you scrub your face you can get rid of the dead skin and that way your cleansers can reach your pores better. Just remember clearer skin means less spots!

So this is all in all how I look after my skin, I hope I could give you some tips or at least some similarities. 🙂



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