Fave NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

For a long time I didn’t use any lipstick or lip gloss or just any kind of lip product really. I just never found the one that suited me and I gave up trying far too early. Little did I know that since then there are so many lip different kind of product out there in different and more varied formulas than ever ( when I started using make-up it was mostly just plain lipsticks that you could find at the counter), so the at the end of last year I decided to gave it another go and what can I say I have become an addict for lippies. 🙂

Since then I have purchased many lip glosses, lipsticks, lip creams, lip liners and I couldn’t be more happier ( well I could be with even more lippies in my make up bag haha ). One of my fave brand currently regarding lip products is NYX. More exactly their Soft Matte Lip Creams. ( to be honest I’m yet to try more of their lip product, but all in good time, someone is on a budget here 😉  ).





These lip creams have a very good consistency and as the name would suggest they’re very creamy and they ARE. So easy to apply them, it is basically foolproof. What I also like about them is that they dry matte. Again as the name suggests. But not at all drying on the lips which is often the biggest downfall of matte lip products, so if you’re looking for something matte but not drying these are the perfect choice.

So comfortable to wear and there are so many shades to choose from. I wouldn’t say they last on the lips all day, in fact you definitely have to reapply them a few times a day, especially after food. I apply them without lip liner because they don’t tend to smudge. I would however avoid putting on a lot of layers, just enough to get the colour payoff perfectly otherwise they will be dry and cracked within a few hours.

I will definitely purchase more with the fall coming, more darker, berry shades and also more nude shades as I think that is very pretty for fall. I feel like they price is also very good value for money as one little bottle of this lip cream is only £5.50.

I tend to gravitate toward the pinkier shades, not just with these lippies but just in general, so my faves are the shades Sydney and Tokyo for sure. 🙂

Also I find it so fun that they named all shades after cities, just gives a chance for everyone to get their hands on one of their favourite cities’ colour.





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